Where to Buy Mgo Board in Australia?

You can try phoning the head office Sunshine Coast qld.   http://mgoboard.com.au/ 07 5491 1688 And you can try phoning the other distributors on this page. http://mgoboard.com.au/distribution-locations/ FireCrunch as far as i can tell is… Continue reading

Aircrete Gibran Centre Thailand

            Aircrete Aircrete experimenting Gibran Centre Thailand http://www.domegaia.com/ http://derghamhamdar.com/about.aspx tools http://www.domegaia.com/little-dragon.html

Vagabode Tiny House Built Using SIPs

Source Vagabode Tiny House: Debt-free Micro Home Built Using SIPs I think you’ll like this Vagabode tiny house built by a young couple. It’s a 175 sq. ft. micro home built right onto… Continue reading

Raycore SIPS Tiny Houses

source  http://www.raycore.com/blog/structural-insulated-panels-maximus-tiny-house/ With more than twenty years in the real estate industry as a broker, Stew served as the branch New Homes director for what was at that time the second largest Coldwell… Continue reading

SIPS time lapse


Build a Tiny House with SIPS

Build with Structural Insulated Panels

How to Build with SIPs

How to Build with  SIPs ed: extract below. full text here Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are high performance building panels and are used in floors, walls, and roofs for both residential and light… Continue reading

Tec – Cement Exposed Concrete Floors

Our first floor slab was an eco-cement slab and used in the low carbon building. (See earthship brighton tececo) ed:  What a beautiful floor!   this is an extract from tececo site. go here… Continue reading

Habitech Systems Victoria

Modular homes that use SIPs wall and roof technology ed: below is an extract. go here for full original post. Habitech’s modern approach to construction using smarter manufactured components, is based on the… Continue reading

Lightweight Concrete

ed: below is an exteact. go here for the full post. A. Lightweight Concrete 142. Definition and Uses. – Lightweight concrete has been used in this country for more than 50 years. Its… Continue reading

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